Format of Offerings

I am glad you have found me, and I look forward to working together. May your sincerity and mine contribute to our awakening and to the evolution of the human collective.

I offer three formats of working together – Private Sessions, Sittings and Intensives. You can read about each below. I ask everyone who has not attended a sitting or had a private session with me before – to do so first before joining one of my intensives.

If you have any questions about this, please get in touch.

Private Sessions

Why work individually?

Working individually can deeply catalyze your process and complement the work you do in events, as well as what you do on your own.

Some people only do private sessions, while others attend group sittings and workshops in addition to working individually with me. My intention is not that you believe what I teach or follow my guidelines, but that you use the work to develop your own wisdom and awakened sense of self.


What happens at a sitting?

Come explore the path to awakening and integration within the format of a small group.

Group sittings with others on the spiritual journey are a great way to quicken and support your awakening process. They are two to three hours in length and are dedicated to conscious exploration and deep connection in Being.

Reconnect to your original wholeness, essential purity and innate innocence.


Why come to an intensive?

Come and immerse yourself in original wholeness.

I offer one-day, two-day and three-day workshops and retreats in various locations throughout the year, as a way of helping you deeply immerse yourself in original wholeness and Being, and open to participating in life’s flow.

Interested in working with both Allan Morelock and Gena Netten?

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