Come explore the path to awakening and integration within the format of a small group.

Group sittings with others on the spiritual journey are a great way to quicken and support your awakening process. They are two to three hours in length and are dedicated to conscious exploration and deep connection in Being.

Reconnect to your original wholeness, essential purity and innate innocence.

The Details

Sittings can include meditation, gazing (open-eyed meditation in which we make eye contact with all the participants), short talks and discussions about the awakening process, and individual sharing time for participants to explore issues currently relevant to their transformation.

Your participation in sittings over time will enhance your ability to stay present with yourself and others in the face of the full range of human experience. This, in turn, will greatly increase your ability to experience deep connection with yourself and relatedness with others and all of life. As you learn to hold yourself in presence and explore what is unconscious in your life, you will find shifts start to happen.

Fees and RSVP’ing

  • The cost of each sitting is $20, but don’t let funds keep you away
  • Please RSVP if you plan to attend by clicking on the register button on the sitting you would like to attend on the calendar


My sittings are typically held in the evening in one of these areas:
Somerset, New Jersey
Southern New Jersey
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New York City, New York

Newcomers are welcome

Please read the following in preparation by opening each toggle.

Online sittings

I offer online sittings with committed groups for those who have attended previous events and are seriously engaged in their awakening and transformation process.

If you would like to join an existing group or start a new group, please let me know on the contact form here.

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