Private Sessions


Private sessions are usually one hour in duration. The sessions can be done in person at my home or while I am in your area. We can also meet via video conference or telephone.

There is an advantage of working together over time. We develop a deep sense of trust and connection, which can enable the unraveling of subtle resistance to life which most people live from and experience as fear, hesitation and self-violence. Together, we can track your progress and build out your highest intention for your life mission.

These sessions provide uninterrupted focused time for you and your process wherever you are and however you wish to proceed. I never see you as having any pathology, only varying degrees of identification.

I can help clarify how you have become imprisoned by self-identity and point to the reality which is free of limitation. I may not be able to determine your rate or degree of awakening, but I do relentlessly work for that.


Individual sessions are $75-$90.

How to schedule an appointment

If you would like to book an appointment with me, please send an email to allan (at)

What others are saying

— The great blessings of my life

“Having the opportunity to meet regularly with Allan Morelock has been one of the great blessings of my life. In our sessions together, I am often carried away by his soaring spiritual insight. In other moments, I am on the ground, feeling safe enough in his gentle company to allow my deeper vulnerabilities to rise to the surface for exploration. Working with Allan has taken me from a thought/idea/philosophy of trusting life to a sense of trust that is not up for debate. I highly recommend him as a guide for the next step in your journey, whatever that step may be.”

— Thomas Morello
Medical School Student

— Very perceptive, very down to earth, and has helped me grow so much

Allan Morelock is the real deal. He’s not just parroting from things he has read or heard. I can feel his energy from across the computer screen. He is very perceptive, very down to earth, and has helped me grow so much. His goal has always been to get to a point where I no longer need him — that should be any good teacher’s goal (not to just be dependent on them). Thank you, Allan, for your belief in me, for your guidance, for your blessings.

Eugene K
Bronx, New York