When I was 16, I felt inspiration from another human for the first time in my life as I read the writings of Walt Whitman. In his work, I found the whisperings of my origins and a kinship I had not known was possible.

I have never studied poetry or given much thought about how to write it. In fact, I am not sure I should be considered a poet. All I know is that I have been awakened in the early morning by words that insist on being written. Many of the poems are an attempt to capture the feelings I experienced in ecstatic trance states of love for the Divine beginning in the early 1990s.

These writings are sacred for me and very personal, and originally I had no intention of sharing them with anyone. As life unfolded, I was encouraged by certain sages I met to write and publish poetry and other writings, and I have done so tentatively. I still find that these writings help lift my mood and attitude towards life and myself. And as I have shared them, others have often felt their inspirational messages.

So, perhaps, these poetic writings do not belong to me. I do hope if you like them, you can feel the Presence of love – love that is for and from everyone. The Love that is our Mother, our Source.

“Allan is a gifted poet who continually celebrates God through his words. I don’t believe I have ever read words more drenched with divinity.”

— Rafael Nasser, co-author Qigong Master, New York City, NY

Selected Poems

Below are a sample of poems from my book ‘Raindrops Falling on the Ocean’.
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