Nothing Saved

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Allan Morelock, April 14, 2017
© 2017 Allan Morelock

All of my Rhythms of Light
Are custom made
Imaginings of Love
Perfected prior to the common mind,
Ushered into form by Pure Intention.
No effort wasted for none is needed.
Come here when you are ready
But not to avoid or run away
From the shadows self created
And titled theology, intellect and science.
For here there is no designated entry point
Other than dismantling
All you have thought to be true and good,
Wrong and right.
No road signs bear the proper name
Or give the correct direction.
And if you simply must follow anything,
In preparation to cease all pursuit,
Follow the promptings of love
And enter, as you are willing, more deeply
Into the gentle embrace of full surrender.
Only what you conceive as absence
Can prepare you for this culmination.