Ground of Yes

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Allan Morelock, January 23, 2011
© 2011 Allan Morelock

Today I went for a walk
In the field of ashes.
The dogwood trees
Along the lawns
Leaned a bit with
The tips of their branches.
Close to my cheek
They gave a gentle kiss.

The air gave birth
To birds in flight,
The sidewalk firm below my feet.
And I searched for the truth
Of where the land
Bears a name
Given in a language
Known by those who
Have lived here
for thousands of years
Before we humans arrived.

There I met the image
In the mirror
Who said my name
Is Yes.
Yes, for me
She said, there is only
She is always just arriving
And only learned this single word.

May I keep my brow
Forever in the brown soil
At her childlike feet
And allow the fire to burn
Just the way it always has.