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Beyond Polarization
– 2 Day Immersion –


    May 20-21, 2017

    Somerset, NJ


    $235 for the weekend ($195.00 if registered by April 15th)


Living from individual identity and allowing survival-based patterns and structures to run us unconsciously maintains separation and polarization. When we integrate the energy of these patterns and structures, we become increasingly capable of realizing nonseparation. We awaken into the fabric of relatedness in manifest Consciousness and realize our individuality belongs to this fabric. Over time, nonseparate relatedness becomes fundamental to our expanded sense of identity.

In this weekend intensive, we will explore how to strengthen the weave of the fabric, which is living Being.

  • One way is through energizing our unique strands in service of relatedness.
  • Another way is by surrendering to the fabric of relatedness itself.
  • This opens us to a wider perspective that permits the polarization while activating a generative space for something new to emerge.
  • Our intensive includes teaching dialogue, exercises, and movement in the morning, and deep sharing and integration time in the afternoon. We’ll offer an optional activity in the evening to enhance the relatedness of the group.


Each participant must have worked with either Allan or Gena in prior events or sessions. If you have never worked with them, please contact Gena to inquire about scheduling sessions and attending their online sittings

Refund Policy:

Cancel by April 30: 100% refund
Cancel after May 1: 50% refund