Allan Morelock: Spiritual Teacher, Author, Mystic

Allan Morelock is the author of Nothing Other and Raindrops Falling on the Ocean and is a modern day mystic who has been a spiritual teacher for more than thirty years and has been a Trillium Awakening teacher since 2010. His presence, wisdom, compassion, and expression leave people feeling nourished on many levels. He’s been described as a “mountain stream where you can find deep nourishment for your soul”.

What others are saying

-- He sees the world..through the Eyes of Love

“From Allan’s deep surrender into Reality flow forth his gifts of insightful listening, passionate and empathic response, and transmission. He sees the world and everyone who comes into his generous presence through the Eyes of Love.”

--Geoff Oelsner,
Therapist; Buddhist sangha leader and Teacher,
Fayetteville, AR

-- His gifts inspire self-realization

“Allan's gentle, loving nature gave me hope during one of the greatest challenges of my life. He has gifts that inspire self-realization. Consciousness must be taught by consciousness, and the more I comprehend this, the more gratitude I have for Allan. "

-- Andrew P. Sachs
Fort Collins, Colorado

-- He guided me to an inner source, abundant with peace, love and compassion.

“My gratitude for having a teacher like Allan is beyond what words can express. He has gently guided me to an inner source, abundant with peace, love and compassion. With Allan's help, old patterns and conditionings - parts of myself that I thought were blocking me - are now opened to love and compassion. I no longer look at them as obstacles but rather part of the path uniquely designed for me. This has resulted in a sense of wholeness, replacing the feeling of separation and being fragmented. "

-- Ade Richardson,
Pelham, NY

-- An awakened presence

“During those moments when Allan empties his mind and opens his heart, the space around him radiates with palpable light. In his awakened presence one stands at the threshold of divinity."

-- Rafael Nasser,
Co-author of Qigong Master,
New York City, NY

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